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Kerala Attractions

Kerala Houseboats

Kerala Houseboats

Kerala Houseboats and Cruises on the elegant Backwaters of Kerala is something liked by every tourist visiting the state. The very idea of spending some time in a  floating house amidst beautiful surroundings is so fascinating. Just imagine how much more great the real experience would be!

Kerala is a land of lagoons, lakes, rivers, backwaters and beaches offering different kinds of houseboats to experience the holidays of a lime-time.

The houseboats of Kerala are famous among tourists and is something which is never given a miss by them. Exploring the beautiful land of Kerala on its houseboats is truly enchanting. The Kerala houseboats are locally known as 'Kettuvallam' meaning 'boats with a living space'.

Houseboats in Kerala Natural products are used in making the houseboats. The roof of the houseboat is designed with bamboo mats, sticks, palm leaves and wood. The flooring is done with wooden planks and coir mats. The outer surface of the houseboat is coated with a layer of cashew nut oil for protective purpose. These houseboats are usually 80 feet long and 15 feet wide in the middle. Hats off to the craftsmen of Kerala who fashion such a marvellous structure by using simple raw materials.

In olden days houseboats were mainly used in the transportation of goods. The journeys of the boatmen were marked by singing traditional songs. They would cook together, eat together and enjoy their journey completely. Later these houseboats made waves in the world of tourism. Tourism in Kerala transformed these simple houseboats into 'floating palaces' with the perfect blend of modern facilities and traditional décor.
Kerala Backwaters Houseboats
The houseboat consists of well maintained bedrooms, modern toilets, beautiful living rooms, dining area, kitchen and airy balcony from where you can enjoy fishing.

Plan a stay at the Kerala House Boats with Kerala Houseboat Tour Packages and enjoy the scenic beauty while you float!

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