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Rejuvenation Treatments

Rejuvenation Treatments

Ayur stands for “Life”, and Veda means “Science”. So, Ayurveda simply means Science of life. We all know that it is the method of natural healing and curing of diseases or disorders. Ayurvedic treatment directly effects our body, psyche, soul and sense organs in a positive manner without any side effects. Ayurvedic treatment also controls and balances the three biological factors (Doshas) of our body- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. In Kerala, you are set free to choose Ayurveda health spots for proper healing or rejuvenation. Kerala's Ayurvedic treatment provides you with a wide array of therapies and medicinal packages to purify your mind and body through traditional and natural ways.

Major Rejuvenation Treatments in Ayurveda :

1. Panchakarma

As the name suggests, Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic treatment involving five phases. This medicated process cleanses the body from toxic materials. Panchakarma removes excess doshas along with other body wastes. It cleans up the body in a proper way and the waste materials are extracted from sweat glands, urinary tract, intestines, etc. Panchakarma is one of the most widely used treatment in Ayurveda. It involves massage and oil bath and gives a very soothing and pleasant experience.

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2. Sirodhara Sirodhara

Sirodhara is among those treatments of Ayurveda in which healing is done purely by medicated oil. In this treatment, the person is laid down calmly and Ayurvedic medicated oil poured over the forehead slowly. This is a natural and effective process for relaxation. Sirodhara is very helpful in curing mental disorders, psychological imbalances, stress, tension, depression and other negative states of one's psyche. Secondly, the medicated oil used in this process is not just the same for everyone. It is decided and selected according to the condition, state of mind, and body type of the person undergoing the treatment.

3. Dhara

This is an Ayurvedic treatments beneficial for the skin. This particular process is regulated with specially selected herbal oils or medicated milk. Like Sirodhara, the process is initiated with pouring the oils or milk over the forehead first, but later medicinal elements are applied on the whole body with a soft massage. The treatment is carried out for around 45 minutes per day for a duration of 7-21 days. This rejuvenation therapy treats skin diseases, mental tension, insomnia and vatha pre-dominated diseases.

4. Takradhara

According to people who have gone under this treatment, Takradhara is a process which relaxes the body in an unmatched way. The reason being, the treatment is not done by any warmed medicated oil or herbal powder, but rather by Buttermilk which gives a cooling effect to the body with full relief from stress. The process can be administered either like Sirodhara, (where warm medicated oil is poured over the forehead only), or Dhara, (in which herbal oils are applied on the whole body). This process not only gives relaxation but is also helpful in curing several skin diseases. It also provides the skin a natural smoothness and softness.

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5. Choornaswedan

This Ayurvedic treatment involves the use of medicated Choornas. These choornas or herbal powders are selected according to the disease/disorder or body type and requirement of the person undergoing the treatment. First these special herbal powders are prepared for the treatment in small linen bags and are applied to the person's body after getting warmed in medicinal oils. The whole process is carried out for about 30-45 minutes and it is very effective in relieving neurological imbalances, almost all types of injuries and serious rheumatic conditions.

6. TharpanamTharpanam

This is a herbal treatment for the eyes. In most places, Tharpanam is also known as Tharpan. Those who have experienced the process say that the process gives a cooling effect to the eyes. But this treatment is not only meant to relax the eyes or provide a cooling effect.  It is a natural and herbal process for the overall cleansing of the eyes. The process is conducted with a special medicated oil which is common for everyone. The oil is applied over the eyes with a thick herbal combination and the process lasts for about 30 minutes. This is helpful in improving one's eyesight and preventing eye diseases. This is the only process in Ayurveda that is evolved to strengthen the optic nerve.

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7. Gandusa

If you need full treatment of your face, mouth along with teeth, ears and nose, Gandusa is the best available option. No more sticky creams, no face washes. The treatment is simply regulated by medicated oils which is retained in the mouth for a few minutes, accompanied by a light face massage side by side. One will observe a natural and long lasting glow on the face. This treatment also takes care of wrinkles on the face, colour and tone of the skin and strength of teeth. The light massage improves the lines on the face and cleanses the ears and nose as well. The medicated oil inside the mouth also helps in the treatment of the voice and throat passageway. A simple way to keep you young!

8. Kaval

Kaval is another ayurvedic treatment diversified from Gandusa, with the same purpose of keeping the face, mouth, teeth, ears, nose and throat fully fit and fine. This process is also conducted with medicinal oil. Gargling with that special medicated oil cures also cures several other diseases.

9. Vamana

This unique Ayurvedic treatment induces therapeutic vomiting to balance kapha, one of the three doshas of our body. When this particular dosha is disturbed in the body, it can cause diseases like asthma, psoriasis and other major problems. This treatment designed to cure respiratory disorders, throat infections and skin diseases. The process is carried out with herbal mixtures, jadi-butis, herbal powders and thick medicated pastes.

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10. Virechana

VirechanaThis Ayurvedic treatment is administered to people of all age groups. This process does not need any sort of fixed treatment for a particular duration or massage of any kind. It simply involves the intake of an Ayurvedic medicine. The person needs to take a herbal and purely Ayurvedic medicine Virechak Aushadhi in milk or warm water once or twice a day, depending on the disease conditions. This Aushadhi (medicine) is very beneficial in balancing the Pittas in our body. This is a Ram-Baan medicine for jaundice, chronic fever, dermatitis and heartburn even.

11. Sneha Vasti

This is a treatment process for major disorders of the body like paralysis and neurological diseases. Sneha Vasti is also conducted with medicated oils. Just as Vamana checks and balances Kapha dosha in our body, Sneha Vasti keeps a check on another dosha- Vata. This dosha of our body is directly linked to the large intestine, i.e. Pakwashaya. So, whenever there is a slight disorder in Vata dosha, it causes neurological ailments, constipation, paralysis, flatulence, lower backache, gout and rheumatism and other major problems. Therefore, this Ayurvedic treatment is beneficial in curing all such disorders.

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12. Kashaya Vasti

Kashaya vasti is the treatment process that follows Sneha Vasti. Very soothing and seductive in nature, this process involves massage by honey, oil and herbs. This method is just like a cleansing process that ultimately results in the formation, nourishment and strengthening of body tissues. Honey and special herb elements are applied to the pores of body through massage and this results in improving the functioning of tissues and restoring the immune system of the body.

13. AbhyangamAbhyangam

This is an ultimate treatment for body disorders like obesity, and its results are much faster than other methodologies. Having no side effects, this treatment is just a massage process with special warmed medicated oil. Massage intensity and flow is decided according to the body type of the person undergoing the treatment. The process is regulated for 45 minutes per day for 2 weeks regularly.

14. Dhanyamla Dhara

As the name suggests, this Ayurvedic treatment process involves pouring of “amla dhara” or herbal liquid all over the body in a rhythmic way. Massage is conducted after pouring the thick liquid over the body for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. The treatment duration is around 2 weeks. This treatment is very effective for Hemiplegia and Paralysis Rheumatic complaints.

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15. Kativasthi

This effective medicinal process is meant for spinal disorders only. In Kativasthi, a warm medicated oil is applied on the lower back with herbal paste. This treatment is carried out for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

16. Kizhi

Kizhi is just another massage treatment for bones strengthening. Basically, this process involves massage purely by herbs, herbal leaves or herbal powder. These are applied on the whole body in boluses with hot medicated oils. The process is conducted for 45 minutes per day for 2 weeks approximately. This treatment is very effective for osteoarthritis, arthritis, swelling, sports injuries etc.

17. Ksheeradhoomam

This is a healing process in which treatment is given by steam. Instead of water or oil, this process is conducted with medicated cow milk. Known as fomentation, Ksheeradhoomam is carried out with the steam of heated cow milk. The steam is passed on the whole body with a light and rhythmic massage. This treatment is very effective for curing headache, facial paralysis, Bell's palsy, speech disorders and other nervous disorders.

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18. LepanamLepanam

As indicated in the name of the treatment, Lepanam is an Ayurvedic method of healing which consists of applying “Lep” (paste) of herbal jadi-butis on the injured, harmed or affected part of the body. It gives a cooling effect when applied on a burnt part of the body/skin.

19. Nasyam

Another medicinal process of Ayurveda which lasts for around 2 weeks, Nasyam is slightly different from other methodologies. As the name suggests, it is linked with “nose”, and involves the use of Herbal Juices along with medicated oils. Both are applied through nose for 2 weeks. And the treatment is highly effective for headache, psychological imbalances, paralysis and skin diseases also.

20. Njavarakizhi

Similar to Kizhi, which is good for bone strengthening, Njavarakizhi is also treats the bones, but the main difference lies with the process of application. In this particular process the complete body of the person, or a specific part is pressed with medicated hot puddings which are kept in a special muslin bag. The process is regulated for 1 to 1 ½ hour daily for 2 weeks regularly and results in quick relief in joint pain, limb pain, tackles high B.P., rising cholesterol and a few skin infections.

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21. Pizhichil

This Ayurvedic medicated process is specially meant to cure nervous and sexual weakness. This treatment includes a massage therapy with warm  herbal medicated oils of lukewarm on the whole body in a rhythmic way for about 1 to 1 ½ hour per day. The therapy course is of 2 weeks again. This treatment well known for curing Arthritis, Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Sexual Weakness, Nervous Weakness etc.

22. Sirovasthi

Another Ayurvedic herbal treatment that is regulated with lukewarm herbal oils, Sirovasthi is meant for facial disorders mainly. Patients are given a cap which is filled with medicated lukewarm oils which is pressed on to the head for 15 minutes to 1 hour daily for 2 weeks regularly. This treatment gives quick and positive results for facial paralysis, Dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, Severe headaches, and other diseases caused by Vatha dosha.

23. Snehapanam

This is a rich Ayurvedic medicated therapy which is conducted with Medicated Ghee. Snehapanam is all about the intake of ghee. As Ayurveda treats ghee as a good medicine for several diseases, this therapy is useful for the cure of Chronic Constipation, Osteoarthritis, Psoriasis and Leukemia. This therapy lasts 2 weeks and is also good for several skin diseases.

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24. Thalam

Thalam is a medicated process especially evolved to cure disorders like headache, insomnia, migraine etc. The therapy involves applying a thick herbal paste on the forehead for 30 to 45 minutes which gives a cooling effect and relaxation. That particular medicated paste is known as “Talam” in kerala. Different kinds of talams are chosen for different disorders and diseases.

25. UdvarthanamUdvarthanam

This therapy is basically for proper functioning of blood vessels. It is conducted with a different massage. The massage element is basically a herbal powder and medicated milk. The time duration of the massage is about 30 to 45 minutes daily for 2 to 4 weeks. This therapy helps in reducing the excess fat and cellulite in th body. It not only cures obesity and paralysis, but also helps in reducing weight.

26. Urovasthi

Another form of Ayurvedic Therapy, Urovasthy is mainly applied to cure respiratory diseases. The process is repeated with a medicated oil which is kept and rubbed over the chest in a warm state for about 45 minutes. It undoubtedly removes chest pain, cures asthma and heart diseases as well. Several respiratory problems can be seen cured in just 2 weeks.

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27. Vasthi

A diversified form of Urovasthi and Kativasthi, this Ayurvedic therapy also follows treatment through specially prepared medicated oil. But in this therapy, herbal oils and herbal extracts are applied through the rectum. The therapy lasts for 2 to 3 weeks and is a slow process involving rather unpleasant smelling elements. It is effective in arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, numbness and constant constipation.

28. Yoni Prakshalanam

This Ayurvedic treatment is important from the biological point of view. As the name symbolizes, Yoni Prakshalanam is an Ayurvedic therapy in which herbal oils are applied through the vaginal route. This treatment doesn't have any side effects and is also good for gynecological disorders. It is just a cleansing process of one's genital organs. And once the genital organs are purified, several body processes start functioning in a proper manner.

If you are interested in availing any of the therapies mentioned above & in purifying your body,mind and soul via these exclusive therapy packages, feel free to contact us.

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