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Kerala BackwatersExploring Water-World !!

The backwaters (kayals) are wide networks of canals, lakes and lagoons. Kumarakom is a popular backwater spot because of Vembanad lake. With a length of 205 sq km, it is the longest backwater of Kerala. Vembanad lake works like a channel between the Arabian Sea and Kochi Port.

Kumarakom consists of a cluster of islands which are now converted into separate tourist resorts. Crystal clear waters of the Vembanad lake, amazing shades of green, coconut palms and mangroves collectively make this spot a green paradise. Kerala is blessed with 44 rivers (including lakes and other waterways). These waterways play a vital role in Kerala's economy, healthy vegetation and agriculture. These are very economical modes of transport too. The ecosystem of backwaters is also unique. The freshwater from the rivers meets the sea water from the Arabian Sea. Backwaters are the habitats for mudskippers, frogs, crabs, turtles and otters.

The backwaters in Kumarakom provide you an opportunity to explore the natural beauty and flora & fauna very closely. By a boat journey in Kumarakom, you can see aqua life flourish in these backwaters. Tourists can enjoy houseboat cruises, motor boat rides, canoes rides and other boat rides in Kumarakom. You can also see several bird species like cormorant, darter, kingfisher etc. These calm waterways are surrounded by palm trees, coconut trees and numerous leafy plants and bushes.

Backwaters are perfect spots for nature lovers. Most of the tourists visit this place during Onam festival, which falls in August-September. Onam is popular for the snake boat races. The backwaters are fully packed with snake boats during the ten days of this festival.

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