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Canoeing in Backwaters

Canoeing in Backwaters, Kerala

Refresh Your Senses !! This is something more than lazy boat rides !!

Kerala is a perfect destination for exploring the backwaters.  Kerala backwaters are a network of huge lakes, rivers, canals and other waterways spread over 900 km of area. If you want to watch the beauty of these inland waterways, canals, lagoons and backwaters closely, alleppey is the perfect vacation spot. alleppey is unique in terms of aquatic ecosystem. The backwaters provide a habitat for several aquatic species including frogs, crabs, mudskippers; water birds such as cormorant, darter, kingfisher; and animals such as turtles and otters. These waterways are surrounded by greenery of coconut and palm trees, pandanus shrubs, leafy plants and bushes etc.

Apart from houseboat rides and water sports in these backwaters, you can also try the experience of a backwater bike or canoe. This is an amazing way to walk through the paddy fields and villages of nearby areas. The canoes or water bikes usually run on a level much higher than that of green fields alongside the backwaters. You can move up to Cochin (95km) by these canoes (via backwaters) and can witness the beauty of tea & spice gardens, green mountains, Chinese fishing nets and exotic flora & fauna.

Besides, you can further move to Kumarakom, a beautiful backwater village, and explore Vembanad lake (the longest backwater stretch of Kerala) there. Canoeing through the waters is the only way you can see the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, which is world famous for ducks, Siberian birds and numerous migratory birds. If this is not enough, canoeing can take you to Kollam, Karumadi Canal, Kayamkulam, Ashtamudi lake and other spots as well.

Canoeing or water biking in the backwaters is an adventurous way of visiting different places. It is not a lazy boat ride. It is as adventurous a water sport as any other. This is a perfect medium to witness the life and natural beauty of waterways closely.

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