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Ananthapura Lake Temple

Ananthapura Lake Temple

Where god is guarded by vegetarian crocodile !!

Ananthapura is the only “Lake Temple” in Kerala. Built in the 9th century and devoted to Lord Vishnu, it is located in the heart of Ananthapura Lake. Being a worship place for the Hindus, the temple welcomes people of any caste or creed. The temple is situated on a remote rocky hill, from where you can have a bird's eye view of the dense green around.

A vegetarian crocodile is said to be the local guardian or messenger of the temple. When one crocodile dies, another takes its place. It doesn't harm anyone and is a major attraction of the temple. People feed the crocodile and offer prasad after the noon worship. The walls of the temple have extraordinary stone carvings, nakkashis and murals. The shrine is also covered by a chuttambalam (a rectangular verandah) whose walls are also decorated with murals.

There is a cave in the temple premises which takes you to a small pond. People believe that the water of this pond remains unaffected by the changing weather and climate.

The Ananthapura Lake Temple celebrates its annual festival in the month of April. People come here to worship lord Vishnu, and enjoy traditional art performances.

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