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Bekal Fort Kasaragod

Bakel Fort, Kerala350-year old historical monument of Thelkkeri dynasty... the biggest fort in Kerala... covering over 40 acres of land !! If this is not enough, here is a brief introduction of the renowned Bekal Fort which is an important site of archaeological interest. According to literature available, Bekal Fort was not a centre for administrative affairs during the Thelkkeri kingdom. It is believed to have been built by Shivappa Naik of Thelkkeri dynasty in 1650. Later it was passed on to Hyder Ali of Mysore. The structure of the fort reveals the fact that it was built for defence. The big holes on the outer walls of the fort were perhaps designed to place canons. The fort is circular in design and is about 130 feet above sea level. Bekal Fort was later taken over by Mysore Kings, followed by the British in the 19th century. The fort has still reserved several unique items of ancient kingdoms.

The fort is adjacent to Kappil Beach and is surrounded by mangroves, coconut, thick paddy fields and evergreen monsoon forests. The inside portion of the fort has a secret tunnel which opens towards the south. The observation tower and underground tunnels are the major attractions of the fort. During the kingdom of Tipu Sultan, the Bekal Fort was an important military centre. Tipu Sultan died in 1799 fighting the British. And the fort, with all its powers, came under the East India Company. Today, the protection and preservation of Bekal Fort is handled by Archaeological Survey of India.

The walls of the fort with ancient carvings, the typical Thelkkeri architecture, and the magazine of the fort (store for arms & defence equipments) is worth visiting. You can find enchanting backwaters and beaches near the fort.

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