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Periyar Boat Safari

Boat Safari, Kerala

Boat Safari is the best option to visit the forest and wilds closely. Lake/river is the prime site to watch animals. If you visit the place in summer, then most of the mammals can be seen playing alongside the water. Elephants, sambars etc come to the lake/river very often. In summer, when the moisture evaporates from the forests, mammals come out to drink water.

You can see a number of migratory birds here. Native birds can be seen throughout the year, but around 150 rare species of birds can be witnessed in the months of October to May. Hence, this time period is considered good for boat safari. Necessary permits should be taken from the respective authorities of the park and a guide should be hired to be on safer side. This is important to get the best view of Periyar Wildlife.

The river is considered the base of life in Periyar. Therefore, a boat safari is the best way to explore most of the flora and fauna species. The boats take off in clusters of five to six, moving silently from one shore to the other. A tourist can get a good view of Periyar wildlife from this means of trip. It is preferable to go on this safari between 4-4:30 pm. You might get a chance to witness a tiger killing its most favorite prey “sambar deer'.

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