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Spice Plantation Periyar

Spice Plantation and Tea Garden

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Welcome to the Plantation Town, where the air is loaded with aromatic fragrances. Periyar is a hub for Spice & Tea dealers. Periyar, Cochin and Munnar are the three centres that make Kerala a leading trade centre in spices, tea and coffee worldwide. The vast tea, coffee and pepper plantations, surrounded by eucalyptus trees, are nourished by the Periyar river. Kumily, which is closely associated with Periyar/Thekkady, is a renowned spice trade centre. Periyar is famous for the cultivation of pepper, but it also grows cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, oregano, rosemary, thyme, basil, mint, bay leaf, sage and nutmeg in large quantity. Spice tours to Kerala is a good way to explore this land which is world famous for its different aroma of spices.

Tea and coffee gardens can be seen on the hillsides. A large area of the valleys and hills is covered by these tea and coffee plantations. Watching the plantations spread over sloping areas is very pleasant. Periyar is a perfect example of beautiful and diversified ecology having unique & remarkable wildlife on one side and peaceful & green plantations on the other.

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