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Rain Forest, Wayanad

Wayanad region is packed with dense rain forests. These forests are spread over 20,864 hectares of land and remain evergreen throughout the year. You can see many springs and river streams that do not dry up even in the hot summers.These dense forests are nurtured by the Western Ghats and run parallel to the western coastline. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxes the body, mind and soul. The dense greens also help in maintaining an ecological balance and are surrounded by steep hills of coffee, tea, cardamom & pepper plantations.

A part of the rain forests is well known as the habitat for several wild animals including elephants, bison, deer, loris, monkeys, mongooses, jungle cats, squirrels, jackals, hares etc. Besides, many useful plants like rose-wood, anjili (Artocarpus), mullumurikku (Erthrina), caussia, teak, areca nut palms, jack trees etc. are found here. You can find good quality eucalyptus which is popular in the plywood industry. Eucalyptus oil is also used in several industries.

The rain forests in Wayanad are rich in Ayurvedic medicines, natural herbs, jadi-butis and leaves. Some locals  use the productive land for organic farming. They grow fruits, vegetables etc. in their kitchen gardens. A major part of land is used to grow bananas.

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